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Kicad scripts

This first post serves as a table of contents for this thread. Probably more advanced, but I put together a way to journal the actions of a pcbnew plugins. It records all of the call a plugin makes to the pcbnew interface. For more information see this post below.

Flask redshift

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Turning into a baby

Inside: Home exercises you can do during pregnancy that can help turn a posterior babyso that your baby is in ideal birthing position. With my first daughter, she was posterior and we ended up with a long, painful labor, and eventually an emergency c-section when she got stuck. Read our birth story here.

Brown blotter acid

I know that most redditors are too young to have attended Woodstock but maybe one of you knows someone who took the infamous brown acid at Woodstock. Although Woodstock was before my time, a colleague at a major Wall st. At some point shortly after their arrival they robbed the dealer with the brown acid.

Hakchi box art

It is a wonderful piece of kit that comes with 21 games built in, which is just awesome. Disclaimer: you are only legally allowed to have ROMs that are backups of games that you already own. There are a few different options, but I would recommend downloading the standard ZIP file version not the debug version. This way, you can unzip it anywhere you want on your PC or Mac, meaning that if you ever want to put additional plugins into it, you can find it easily.

Open season 3 elvis

Elvis is friendly, nice, caring, kind, shy, sweet, timid, good-matured, fun-loving, adventurous, generous, excitable, and energetic. Similar to his father, Elvis is dim-witted, clumsy, gullible, somewhat ignorant, and clueless, but is in special education.

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